Comedy for a Cause

Fundraising with us is easy! We produce more than 20 shows in September each year over the course of 4 days in various venues. Each venue show features 3 to 4 headline acts so all shows are guaranteed to be great. Our dates this year are September 27 - 30th. We GIVE your group 20 tickets for FREE to a show we choose. Your group resells them at full face value of $25 and your group raises $500. We welcome not-for-profits, charities, amateur sports teams, clubs… basically any group that needs to fundraise. We pay for the venue, hire the comedians, provide the sound system, staff the room, and run the show. All your group has to do is sell the tickets.

Before you agree

  • You receive your tickets in September.
  • You must 100% GUARANTEE that you or your group has the ability to sell 20 tickets.
  • We DO NOT help you sell your tickets.
  • You CANNOT sell your tickets at the door.
  • You or members of your group CANNOT sell your tickets on 3rd party sites like Kijiji./li> <

Tips for Success

The most successful use of this offer is to use YOUR network to sell the tickets. Take the 20 tickets and divide them among parents of a sports team, board members of a not-for-profit or charity, staff or parents at a school, or team members of an adult team or group to sell. Do NOT request tickets and then hope a single post on your Facebook page will sell them. It won’t.

Copy the description of the show for which you have tickets from this site once our show descriptions are posted and you know which show you’ve received tickets to so your people know what it is they’re selling.

Follow up with your people to make sure they’ve sold their tickets and they aren’t sitting in a drawer somewhere and do not wait until the last minute to sell them.


To get your group signed up for this opportunity please contact our Producer Andrew Grose at

Spotlight Cabaret

8217 104 St NW


Fringe Theatre Arts Barns

10330 84 Ave NW


Yuk Yuk's Century Casino

13103 Fort Rd NW


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